Sunday, 11 December 2011

CRM 4.0 Blank Blue Page with JavaScript Error

After installation of CRM and accessing the CRM web client, the page stopped loading at an empty blank blue page and there was a JavaScript error at the left corner of the statusbar with the following details:

Line: 194
Char: 1
Error: Object expected
Code: 0
URL: http://localhost:5555/orgname

Actually that was the default.aspx and when we tried to access loader.aspx, the page was loading but not properly and the images are also missing.

We browsed across all the forums and blogs and found out that such problem is quite common. After trying out a few ways as mentioned in the solutions, we managed to fix this issue by enabling the anonymous access of the CRM website, inheritance override for all the components, and disable back the anonymous access of the CRM website. Here’s the step by step solution for this issue.

1. Go to the IIS Manager and go to the Properties of CRM website.

2. In the Directory Security tab, click the Edit button for Authentication and access control.

3. Enable anonymous access and Click OK.

4. Click OK again in the website Properties form and then you’ll be prompted for Inheritance Overrides.

5. Select All in the Child Nodes and click OK.

6. Then, repeat the steps 1, 2 and disable back the anonymous access.

Then, the CRM application should be working fine.

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